Damaged bike

Saturday evening I was riding around the top of Perry Hill in Waterbury trying to find the upper access to the mountain bike trail network. I think this access no longer exists: Houses are going in, which is kind of sad, but also not unexpected, it is a spectacular patch of land. This is why new trails are being built, to divert the trail network off of private property and onto state land.

Anyway I never found the trails and was riding down a long class IV road/ATV trail. I portaged a washed out culvert and tried to get going again on a steep section; a stick promptly got caught in the drivetrain and that was all she wrote: There was a sharp bang and the dérailleur was dangling free from the frame of the bike -- the fixing bolt is purposely designed to break easily. I was quite deep in the woods when this happened, daylight was fading (lots of bugs) and also kind of lost so I just hiked the bike out the way I came in. Fortunately Perry Hill Road is long, steep and paved so without too much hike-a-biking I was able to get home by gingerly coasting down the long grade.

Today I will try and get the bike to a shop to get it put back together, hopefully by the coming weekend. It was kind of a shame that this happened because I was really enjoying being out on the bike and would have ridden some more over the course of the weekend.

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