It's "Ride your bike to work week"

My idea of a SUV, my Redline Monocog 1x9, my post describing my initial impressions of this bike is fast becoming the most popular page on this site, there's quite a bit of interest in this setup. I should fix up my road bike because it would go a lot faster with much less effort when ridden on paved roads.

It is "Ride your bike to work week" (Or walk, take the bus, carpool, etc.) in Vermont. There's a website where one can sign up to win various prizes -- like an Ipod, high tech bauble of the consumer society -- and calculate how much energy and money your efforts are saving.

It's all well and good I suppose but I have been commuting on a bike -- not 100% of the time, but a good percentage of the time -- ever since I have been working and I am actually happy that gas prices are rising because I don't like the suburban sprawling land use pattern that has dominated the landscape most my life (growing up, I was very much a child of the suburbs). The whole edifice is constructed on the idea of cheap gas and families owning multiple cars.

Also, I have nothing but contempt for the current crop of politicians who are pandering to the citizenry's base instincts by suggesting a holiday from gas taxes. I heard Vermont senator Bernie Sanders ranting about this on the radio yesterday... I really don't see any profiles in courage on the political landscape these days. I would vote instinctively for a candidate who told it straight up like it is -- there are very hard choices to be made, and wrenching and uncomfortable changes coming -- and instead denial and pandering is the order of the day. I also note that John "Straight Talk Express" McCain is also in favor of this silly and contemptible gas tax holiday idea.

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