More tulips (4 hours in the life of the garden): My patio as photo studio

No need for a lot of words in this post, I don't have to wander far to find colorful objects to photograph.

The 'tulips in the rain' images were taken on a showery morning before going to work, it must have looked quite comical, me in a ratty bathrobe awkwardly holding an umbrella and trying to work the camera. These were taken with my Pentax and an old manual focus lens which means that operating camera requires two hands, nothing is automatic. I just received my ridiculous 'stimulus payment' and I'm thinking that a new camera lens may be in order.

Tulip time lapse from JG on Vimeo.

Probably the last time lapse clip for a while as the spring garden is now past peak. We have planted lots of tomatoes and peppers in containers, but they will take time to mature. There was a stretch of almost summer-like weather earlier this month but now things have reverted to being cooler, wetter, more spring-like.

This is where the time-lapse garden clips come from: My Canon Powershot s3is, an excellent little camera, it has an intervalometer function that will take up to 100 images at preset intervals, and also shoots video, records sound, etc. The rickety tripod isn't really suitable for a heavy dSLR but it works fine with a setup like this.

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