Saturday images: Junk, wildflowers, a patch of snow

I spent most of Saturday playing with my camera, there is a learning curve with this device for sure. I am not terribly enamored of any of these images but it was a beautiful day, sunny and pleasantly warm, with enough of a breeze to keep the blackflies mostly at bay.

A field full of rusting agricultural implements on Rt. 100, Waterbury. More photos of this area are posted here in my photoblog account.

The Mt. Hunger trail winds through the woods. This is at a lower elevation near the start of the trail, by half way up the mountain, the trees are only beginning to leaf out.

Painted trillium.
I don't have a true macro lens so these images are something of a compromise.

Violets again.

And again...

A contrast from the cultivated flowers in the garden at home.

A patch of snow near the summit of Mt. Hunger. Other Mt. Hunger images are posted here, I need to acquire some more equipment (filters) to take waterfall images, or hike in on a gloomy day with less natural light.

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