'Fidelity' : The Bush clan's boat

...taken at Drake Island beach on Saturday 6/07/08. I read somewhere that the present President Bush gave up golf for the duration of the current (and apparently endless) war in Iraq because he didn't want military families to see him on a golf course during the conflict -- I actually think that this is a commendable thing for him to do, because outside of military families, most Americans have given up absolutely nothing -- except, perhaps, rights, liberties, and expectations of privacy -- during the course of the conflict.

Anyway neither the wars (Afghanistan and Iraq) nor the skyrocketing cost of fuel have prevented the Bush family from enjoying their speedboat "Fidelity". They are entitled to do so I guess but I am (still -- though I wonder if I'll get an scary email from the Secret Service for posting this) entitled to write that I think that George HW Bush (#41) is a war profiteer for his highly compensated role with the shadowy Carlyle Group.

There's a lot of unseemly concentration of wealth and power in America today: Near the Bush estate in Kennebunkport -- not a street of modest homes by any means -- someone has built an enormous new oceanfront home, it is the very definition of 'gauche'; it must for some young hedge fund manager with very bad taste, or perhaps for some Texas oilman who wants to tool around the Kennebunks in a big Cadillac with cow horns on the hood.

It also strikes me that the name of the boat ('Fidelity') is very appropo for the Bush family, they tend to operate with the mores of a mafia clan, and have a history of valuing 'fidelity' and 'loyalty' above virtues such as 'integrity', 'common sense', 'respect for the truth', 'competence' etc. I'm sure that there's a longer blog post in there somewhere, but I won't go there now.

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