I am not the only 'bridge blogger' in Vermont: Taylor St. Bridge, Montpelier, video

My morning routine before going to work consists of reading the papers (NYT, Slate, WSJ, Burlington Free Press, etc.) plus some other sites. The local Barre-Montpelier paper has a good web presence, Friday they had a little article about this video that some 'blogger' made about extensively corroded steel bridges in Montpelier, it makes some of the same points -- but more elegantly -- that I did in my Middlesex bridge post.

I know that soon after I posted "I blame (Gov.) Jim Douglas..." someone from the lunderville.com domain spent a couple of minutes on this site, apparently reading what I had written.

Hmmm, Neil Lunderville was formerly Transportation Secretary in Vermont... and is currently Governor Douglas's Chief of Staff. Perhaps he has a Google alert set up on "Jim Douglas" (or "collapsing Vermont bridges") or something, if it was him, I hope he liked my site (it's far from liberal, it's more of an equal opportunity detractor, taking shots at both left and right), and, to quote the X-Files, "the truth is out there."

And, the Times-Argus ran an article quoting state and city officials saying that the Taylor Street bridge was A-OK... leave it to the experts, not amateur bridge inspectors. Myself, I have my doubts.

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Ikebana said...

AND bridge closings lead to truckers taking alternate routes that are ruining our roads.