Swallowtail butterfly

An image from today, I would like to acquire a real macro lens for my camera because I am quite capable of amusing myself for hours wandering through the meadow behind my condo complex looking for scenes like this. More pictures from today are posted here in my photoblog account.

I have some 'content' that could show up here (more on Burlington Telecom, I recently finished watching the Sopranos, collapsing bridges in Vermont, etc.) but it takes time and energy to put this stuff together and summers in Vermont tend to be rather fleeting: So my attention has waned as the days have gotten longer. Also this site is drawing more traffic but unfortunately it seems to be mostly driven by people looking for either:
  1. Information about 1x9 bicycle drive trains, my initial impressions of my Redline Monocog 1x9er live on.
  2. Information on how to get some sort of rub down in the Thamel district of Kathmandu.

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