Waterbury celebrates July 4th... on June 28

This was my first time attending Waterbury's Independence Day celebrations which were held on June 28. The lack of conflicts with other town's celebrations helps guarantee a good turnout.

It has been a very damp summer so far but fortunately there was only one patch of inconsequential drizzle that moved through and the parade was a mostly dry event despite the threatening skies. As I post this, however (5:45pm) it's raining very hard which does not bode well for the fireworks display scheduled for 9:30 tonight.

Main Street, Waterbury, all decked out for the celebration. I noted that a good percentage of the vehicles parked along the parade route were full size pickups and SUVs: An expensive choice these days.

American Legion color guard.

Little leaguers: This event still has a very small town feel to it.

Governor Jim Douglas leads a horde of blue-shirted Republicans.

The governor's slightly pained expression suggests that perhaps he has been reading some of my recent posts about Vermont bridges (doubtful, but you never know, IP addresses are still mostly anonymous). Third party candidate for governor Anthony Pollina also marched in the parade -- he seemed to draw a rather puzzled response from the crowd -- but there was no sign of Democratic candidate Gaye Symington or any of her supporters.

There were lots of fire trucks and other rescue apparatus: The volunteer firefighters didn't run the whole parade route.

The whole parade was a pretty fossil-fuel intensive event: Next year I wonder what gas prices will be -- over $5/gallon perhaps? I rode down on my bike...

Trying to snag some free Ben & Jerry's ice cream -- a local product. It also rained coffee at this event -- Waterbury is home to Green Mountain Coffee Roasters as well.

The skies darkened as the day went along but the rain held off. I have posted some additional images of this event in my photoblog account.

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