Blue skies and white puffy clouds (finally)

Kind of a follow up to the previous post, taken early this afternoon from the Stowe Pinnacle. It was a fine day to be out and there was a nice breeze up top to cool things off and keep the bugs away. We were talking to a couple of realtors, taking pictures with my camera, and one of them emailed me from the top -- he had a Blackberry with him, so that I could share the images when I got home. It worked... hmm, maybe I should get a rugged laptop, a solar charger, & a fully featured cellphone, and work a few days a week from various remote high places in the area. I don't know if such a setup would be good for my productivity but it would probably be good for my morale.

The scene at the top: That's me sitting down and badly in need of a shave.

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