Everybody knows this is nowhere

Near Waterbury Center, more images here.

Quote from a Vermont state employee (from the Department of Human Services) at a forum on the future of the state held in Barre -- I would have liked to attend this forum, but social obligations got in the way:
"I see the underbelly... I see the people who don't typically go to the town meetings… I see addictions, I see homelessness, I see abuse and I'm trying to figure out for 30 years … why we still have all of this in the midst of these almost movie-type scenes."
The whole article is here, but this quote jumped out at me, it is a bald statement of some of the themes I was trying to explicate in my "Independence Day" post. In some ways I live a pretty sheltered life full of essentially hollow middle class aspirations but I have been close enough to the underside of things to appreciate what this man was saying.

I am really quite down on what the future holds here, for one of the few times in the past twenty years I can see getting out, but we'll see. The United States as a whole is a pretty messed up and troubled country at this point in time.

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