The junk train at the Tour

(and by 'junk' I don't mean 'drugs' as in 'training in a vial')

Tour de France 3e etape St-Malo Nantes from Casou on Vimeo.

I found this cool clip on the VeloVimeo channel on Vimeo -- it shows the peloton cruising by during a relatively quiet part of one of the opening stages of the Tour, and includes video of the 'junk train' (cavalcade of advertising vehicles) that precedes the race. I wonder what it is like to drive an oversized coffee cup around France for three weeks?

I also discovered that there is live video (grainy, small, and not terribly smooth) of race available online.... just the thing to keep me amused on a languid humid Sunday morning.

Ricardo Ricco launched a huge attack on the Col d' Aspin -- he rocketed out of the main field, it looked like he had an extra gear or two compared to the other riders, and held on to win the stage. Ricco isn't always the classiest guy -- he's known for shooting off his mouth -- but he sure goes uphill fast.

Alejandro Valverde is easily identifiable on his yellow-trimmed Pinarello and with his Spanish champion's jersey. I wonder if he is thinking of his dog Piti as he climbs the mountain... I don't think cycling is clean but I also don't like how clueless American sports reporters pile on the sport every July while the Tour is on before going back to producing their puff pieces about Major League Baseball and the NFL, two big money sports with laughable drug policies.

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