2008 GMSR starts today

Green Mountain Stage Race Sept. 07 from JG on Vimeo.

The 2008 edition of the Green Mountain Stage Race starts today, this year's race has many changes, some planned in advance (the race is now scored on time, and an individual time trial has been added) and some dictated by circumstance -- Vermont's collapsing infrastructure, and damage to mountain roads caused by the very wet summer. Unlike past years I won't be around at any of the stages except for the criterium on Monday in Burlington, where I'll be working, so I won't be taking photos or videos like at last year's event.

Sometimes when I'm riding to work in the morning, my mind is pretty empty, and I drift back to my days of ineffectively racing a bike -- and consider the idea of training regularly, and pinning on race numbers again -- but usually this is just a passing idle thought as I chug up Route 100 on my way into Stowe. I think that there are too many other things going on in my life at this point in time to put on blinders and and adopt the singleminded commitment that racing on the road requires. Also, in this era of relatively expensive gas the idea of driving regularly to southern New England is not appealing. So I think that I will be content with maintaining some small modicum of fitness and amusing myself with a variety of outdoor activities.

I hope the event runs smoothly and safely -- Saturday's race will be run on an entirely new course, and Sunday's race ventures onto busy Route 7 by Middlebury -- so I hope that there are no bad car-racer interactions -- or incidents of any kind.

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