900 miles

From the sublime (as long as one doesn't try to earn a living here) --
--to the ridiculous...but the more clement weather and the idea of lower taxes down South is sometimes appealing.

I will be leaving Sunday morning on a long strange road trip to Wilmington, NC, helping my mother move to her new home -- she retired from her job, and is tired of the long drawn-out Vermont winters.

This experience promises to be somewhat bizarre and stressful but it will be nice to get away from my job for awhile and hopefully spend some time at the ocean. I'll bring my cameras and will try and get some images of southern landmarks like fireworks stands, pawn shops, Stuckey's, Waffle Houses... etc. Some really remarkable photos of the area close to where I will be can be seen here.

The fact that I will no longer have any family living in Vermont, and my growing sense of looming economic catastrophe in this state -- if I had to try and find a job here, today, I don't know what I would do... -- means that for the first time in quite a while, the idea of relocating is somewhat on my mind. But that has its own issues as well.

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