I was briefly suspended

Some images of bike bling from the Waterbury Mountain Bike Festival that was held in mid-July. If nothing else these photos do prove that for at least on one summer Saturday the sun did shine in Vermont.

Demo bikes from Niner gave people (like myself) with less than state of art rides a chance to try out something new.

It would take some serious grinta to use this single speed as an everyday trail riding rig around here -- I thought I had limited gearing choices on my Redline with its 1x9 gearing.

I did try out this 'all mountain' or 'trail' bike -- designed for trashing around on trails, not a cross-country race bike, nor a full-on downhill rig. The first thing I noticed was how much easier it was to climb with a 'normal' 27 speed drive train. I spun up to the top of the trail network in the granny gear and it was much easier than what I am used to.

Descending, as promised, was also much more comfortable and controllable than on my rigid bike. Also Perry Hill has some rock sections with drop offs that are very tricky and dangerous on my current ride, on the fully suspended rig I (with a distinct lack of skills at this sort of thing) could just pick some barely legit line and throw the bike off the edge... and the suspension would absorb the shock without complaint.

I could see buying a more fully featured bike because there are lots of places to ride around here but the bad economy is starting to show up and I am inclined to be cautious with spending. Also the recent moonson like weather (12+ inches of rain fell on Mt. Mansfield in July) has closed the trails and left things very wet -- and the forecast for the next five days is for intermittent but persistent showers...

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