2008 GMSR: And that's a wrap

A last quick post on the 2008 edition of the Green Mountain Stage Race. Since I've been living in Waterbury I feel very much out of the loop of the dynamics of getting this event set up but I keep showing up in Burlington on Labor Day Monday and there's always plenty of glamorous tasks to do (this year, I helped relocate portolets as well as other things). But the event seems to go pretty smoothly -- and it's a good opportunity for me to reconnect with the bike racing crowd and the local cycling community.

Jake Hollenbach convincingly wins the crit: This year, the P12 race stayed together until the end -- which is rare, given the technical, choppy course -- usually a break manages to get away. I know that the race crew was happy that Jake also managed to scoop up the $600 winner-take-all crowd prime. This (obviously) isn't the greatest image but the original is basically a photo of the sunlit road surface and deep black shadows.

Women's stage and overall winner Katheryn Curri Mattis nonchalantly chats with announcer Alan Cote as the category 3 race surges by.

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