2008 GMSR: Burlington Criterium (time lapse)

I'll add to this post eventually, but Labor Day was another long but successful day at the Burlington Criterium stage of the 2008 Green Mountain Stage Race. Thanks to all who helped out.

A couple of victory shots from the various races. The Pentax isn't a great sports setup and the combination of bright sunlight and deep shadow made getting good images difficult.

Katheryn Curi Mattis raises her arms as announcer Alan Cote tells the women racers "Keep going keep going one lap to go ...." The confusion eventually did get figured out and the pictured result did stand. I was in a great position to capture Jake Hollenbach's emphatic victory in the P12 race but all that came out of the camera were the deep black shadows under the Flynn Theater marquee.

The P12 men await instructions at the start.

Gary Kessler gives an interview to WCAX television.

This is how I made the following time lapse clip, starting at about 6:45 am and going at it sporadically all day long.

2008 GMSR: Burlington Criterium, time lapse from JG on Vimeo.

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