2008 Green Mountain Cyclocross Weekend images posted

Amy Dombrowski over the barriers on Sunday.

Jamie Driscoll rides in pursuit of Dan Timmerman.

I have posted images from some of the cyclocross races at Catamount on Sunday:
(I don't know what USA cycling is using for cyclocross categories these days, but you get the idea.) In September I posted lots of cycling-related media... and many people visited this site -- bike racers looking for images of fleeting glory. A few people I know thanked me on Sunday and I did get one email from a GMBC member thanking me.... but it would be nice if some these visitors left some sign or indication that they appreciated the time and effort (or maybe not? -- Graham Watson I am not.). Otherwise, I'll go back to posting images of bear scat. I think that 'social networking' (blogging, flickr, facebook, etc.) is a false construct, it really is distracted, alienated strangers flitting by.

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