Auf Wiedersehen to good times in America

Each day brings a new set of apocalyptic headlines (today's offering: "Markets Tumble in Europe and Asia"), and vast sums vanish into the ether, probably for good. My sleep patterns have been disturbed, in the silent hours of the early morning I lie awake, stare at the dim ceiling above me, and wonder where it will end for me personally: Maybe I should buy a four season tent.

So, in this collective long night of the American soul, what's more apropos than Liza Minnelli and Joel Gray singing about hunger knocking at the door?

I see that Barack Obama has purchased a 30 minute block of time on national networks in the week before the election. I wonder if his message will consist of empty platitudes and comfortably non-specific promises or if he will be blunt and speak to the painful reordering of priorities that will be necessary to get out of this mess.

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