A sad, anachronistic little book, part 2 (I scooped the New York Times)

This document little more than a long and never-ending list of self-absorbed trivialities, floating in a vast sea of similar dreck, as it has been said before, we are all living in our truth, and perhaps this endemic narcissism and self-absorption is why the United States is practically bankrupt and physically crumbling... but I digress.

Back on September 14th, I wrote a short post on how the publication of the book "Damn it Feels Good to be A Banker" could not have been more poorly timed, given the cataclysm on Wall Street, and the disappearance of major firms (Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, etc.), and the subsequent elimination of thousands of finance sector jobs.

Yesterday's New York Times had an article on the same subject and a wistful interview with author Amit Chatwani, not surprisingly, it is reported that book isn't selling as well as expected, probably because it wasn't that funny even during the recent, largely imaginary good times and is even less amusing now. A lot of people in financial services were paid a lot of real money off of imaginary valuations and now the real bills come due, leaving a bitter aftertaste for all.

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