Signs of bears

...A sign in the Adirondack High Peaks, there are lots of well-fed bears there, they have learned that humans = food, and also how to open bear canisters like my Bearvault.

(As previously seen on this blog), bear scat near the top of Ricker Mountain, about five miles from where I live in Waterbury.

The 52 week trend line of the stock market.... "Take stock in America".... ?? Today's New York Times has a story about Alan Greenspan's affection for complex derivatives and how he (along with characters like Richard Rubin) fought attempts to regulate the market in these financial instruments. I'm not a huge fan of Bernie Sanders (I think he is loud, self-aggrandizing, and shrill) but this quote (from 2000) does Sanders some credit in light of recent happenings:
Aren’t you concerned with such a growing concentration of wealth that if one of these huge institutions fails that it will have a horrendous impact on the national and global economy?” asked Representative Bernard Sanders, an independent from Vermont.
...and my small IRA's performance -- and this doesn't include October's losses -- I think the losses now total over 20%, and there's no end in sight.

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