Trail work, Woodward Mountain ski trail, 10/18/08

I spent Saturday doing trail work with some folks on the Woodward Mountain Ski Trail. After a very vibrant foliage season things are past peak and the woods are becoming more bare with each passing day. It's interesting to walk these woods when there is no snow because it's very different when snow cover smooths everything out -- when trimming branches, one tries to imagine what the trail is like, with four or five feet (or more) of snow on the ground -- "eye level" changes with the season. Despite the the fact that it was the first day for moose hunting the woods were pretty quiet, at least on this stretch of trail.

Volunteers watch as a downed tree is cut up with a chainsaw. If the coming season turns out to be a good snow year (like last winter) I look forward to spending plenty of time on my skis -- work, due to the meltdown in the financial sector and the widespread collateral damage throughout the economy, promises to be rather slow.

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