Bringing It All Back Home on vinyl

A relic from the garage, complete with fading stickers of a very young looking Bob Dylan affixed to the reverse of the album cover.

This album cover is probably one of iconic images from the Sixties. I don't know that there will be anything equivalent from the present tumultuous time, things seem more fragmented now, "we are all living in our truth", so it is harder for an object of art to become 'iconic' and stand above the vast pile of blogs, facebook & myspace profiles, homemade media streams, etc. (A case in point: This site.)

Of course, we don't have the equipment (ie, a turntable) to play this album, so it is purely decorative/archival.

By choice, I don't write much about personal relationships here too much -- and this is deliberate and most assuredly not accidental. I, however, live with a self-professed hippy (I have some counter-cultural leanings of my own) for whom Bob Dylan is a major figure... so our condo amounts to something of a Dylan shrine, and we have most of his oeuvre on CD.

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