November woods, 2008

Going into the woods after Thanksgiving is become pretty much of a tradition for me (previous post-Thanksgiving hikes are documented here and here). Hunting season is winding down, as the season draws to a close there are a lot less hunters in the woods, so it's pretty safe, as long as one is cautious and remains aware of the environment.

A few images from yesterday, there was enough snow at elevation to justify snowshoes, which of course I managed to leave at home.

An "ancient road" through the woods in Ricker Basin, now maintained as a snowmobile trail between the Cottonbrook area in Stowe and Waterbury/Bolton.

Off-piste in the woods. I approached from the back and initially thought it was an old sap boiler or something, instead it was the remains of an old and badly rotted truck, I think the engine block must have been removed at some point. Given the size of the tree growing up through the frame, it's been in this spot for quite a while.

Near the same spot, a good sized birch tree has grown up in the cellar hole of some long lost building -- this area is dotted with the remains of old farms that have gone back to the land. More images here in my Photoblog account.

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