Veterans Day, 2008

As this blog has evolved, I have really gotten away (with a few exceptions) from using content from other sites here: This blog may not be very compelling, interesting, or original, but it is mostly my own.

On Veterans Day, however, I thought I would post this stark and powerful image from a photo essay in the New Yorker. Seeing this image led Colin Powell to endorse Barack Obama, but even without the political baggage it is a very moving photograph.

George Bush said today that he will miss being Commander in Chief... that's fine, he's entitled to the sentiment I guess, and being President in the immediate aftermath of the September 11th attacks must have been a quite terrible job -- a fact that the President's many detractors seem to have lost sight of. I think, however, that Bush's unwillingness or inability to call for any kind of sacrifice at home during the current conflicts, was and is utterly contemptible.

Part of me wishes that I had had the experience of serving in the military instead of going to college right after high school, and, far more importantly, thanks to all who have served.

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