The winter landscape

The winter landscape, the weather has been very cold with some snow. After hunkering down and staying inside on Saturday -- a cold, snowy, and blustery day -- I got up early and drove to a spot I had discovered tooling around on my mountain bike on the shoulder of Owls Head mountain in Waterbury. It was bitterly cold and there was a ripping wind blowing, I wasn't inclined to experiment with the camera too much.

Four images stitched together, from the south: Sugarbush South and North, Mad River Glen, Camels Hump in the clouds, the Winooski river valley, and Woodward Mountain.

Looking due west: This location affords a great view of Camels Hump, unfortunately the summit never broke free from the clouds, and it was too cold and exposed to hang around long waiting to see if it would clear.

"OH1" is where these images were taken: It looks like some developer has bought up the land and envisions putting in a development of fancy expensive homes; there's already one huge extravagant ghastly pile of a house up there and buried utilities are being put in. I personally don't approve of this kind of land use pattern and I won't be disappointed if I learn that this development is having problems moving forward due the current free-fall of the economy. How many million dollar homes in the woods does Vermont need?

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