Lost highways

A road through an as-yet undeveloped area in rural North Carolina.

After a week down south, tomorrow I start driving back to the cold, wet and economically distressed Northeast. The plan is to take I40 to I95 all the way to Washington then to head into Pennsylvania, eventually hitting I84, crossing the Hudson at Tarrytown, then into Connecticut (to visit relatives); and finally getting home on Thursday via interstates 91 & 89. I anticipate that it will be a long, dull, cheerless ride.

A new road winds through one of the innumerable housing developments that dot the landscape. It's a strange landscape that feels very impermanent -- I've never been to Las Vegas, but I think that there may be some similarities -- a sense of transience (no one is from the area -- all are strangers), alienation and tackiness: Miles and miles of strip retail development interspersed with an endless variety of chain dining establishments.

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