The most fun I can have with an Internet connection

...coverage of the Superprestige cyclocross series in Belgium. Live, high quality streaming video of bicycle races held in the most appalling conditions provided by Belgian television station VT4.

Watching the entire event is illuminating because it shows the the dynamics of the whole race instead just selected highlights. It also shows the atrocious conditions these guys race in.

Dominance: Sven Nys wins in a full on blizzard at Hamme-Zogge. Niels Albert, one of the rising young guns who may be able to challenge Nys, severely injured himself (torn spleen) warming up for this race in the slop. It's a tough sport, the riders would swing their hands on the paved sections to try and get some feeling back in their frozen extremities.

Surprise: Klaas Vantornout beats Bart Wellens in a two up sprint finish at Geiten. I thought that there was no way that Wellens would lose but that's racing.

A post race explanation. Czech rider Zdenek Stybar gave an interview in perfect English, I am such a monolingual rube.

There are three more races in the series, the schedule is posted here, I'll be watching.

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