Spice world: A need for optimism

Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America. -- from President Obama's inauguration speech.

As I noted earlier, I feel a kind of paralysis, I need to shake off the torpor that comes from being just a bit of surplus labor in the global economy, but it's hard: As I write this, 43,000 new layoffs are being announced. Closer to home, it feels like Armageddon Time (I don't why there is a variant spelling) for the Vermont economy, the body blows keep on landing, where the next opportunities will come, I cannot say. If I was more ambitious I would attempt to define "What is Progressive?" because in many ways I view the state government and its apparatus as the oppressor, and an instrument for creating an environment where just merely getting by is a struggle.

But enough of such gloomy and unfocused ramblings. My friend Ongyel, ignoring the prevailing economic climate, has opened the Himalayan Market in Burlington's North End. He will be importing foodstuffs and other goods from India and Nepal and also envisions the establishment as a social hub for the South Asian community in the area. I wish him every success in this venture and the store does stock lots of exotic and hard to find spices and flavorings at quite reasonable prices; and as a diet of largely consisting of rice and beans looms in the future, this is can only be a good thing.

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