Hockey images, UVM vs. Providence

Just some images from Gutterson Field House at UVM on Friday February 6 2009 -- UVM vs. Providence, a Hockey East game. The rink is a very tough environment for a camera and the seats were not ideal for taking photos. These shots, however, do give a good sense of what it's like in the arena -- which can be euphemistically described as 'intimate': Given the financial situation at UVM at present, I don't think that a new, larger, more modern facility will be in the cards anytime soon.

Between periods after the Zambonis had done their thing.

... and the face off after UVM tied the game in second period.

UVM got off to a slow start but then picked it up and played fast and aggressively in the second and third periods, and won 4-1. They also won on Saturday by the same score.

The UVM goalie also had a strong game in the net.

Setting up on the point during a powerplay.

Some other photos from last season are here -- these were from a much better location that was closer to the action. For this game, however, I think I was a bit more aggressive with the camera settings, and also shot RAW so as to have the most potential for post processing adjustments. The Pentax is not a great setup for this sort of thing and I also do not have the expensive lenses that would work better in this kind of light, so I can't complain too much about how these came out.

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