Orange Blossom Special

...Well, I'm going down to Florida
And get some sand in my shoes
Or maybe Californy
And get some sand in my shoes
I'll ride that Orange Blossom Special
And lose these New York blues...

I'm currently in Florida. For eight days, the story of what brought me here, is kind of convoluted, but Vermont is increasingly a circumstance from which I am trying to escape, so when the opportunity came up, I took it. Instead of some mythic passenger train we flew down on Airtran, I must say, they did a good job, making flying a little more pleasant than it could be otherwise. It was strange driving from Orlando to Daytona at night, speeding through a featureless landscape in an anonymous rental car. But the weather has been great since we arrived and the surf breaks on the beach outside our rented condo, I'm not complaining.

Tomorrow we leave for the Florida Gulf Coast which I think will be more congenial for me and plan on returning to Vermont on Wednesday. I am also spending a week in North Carolina in March... the ties binding me to 'home' grow weaker day by day.

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