Skyline trail between Stowe Pinnacle and Mt. Hunger

Not many words, but just some images from a long day's hike from Stowe Pinnacle to Mt. Hunger. I started at 9 am and was back at the Mt. Hunger parking lot at 4:30 pm, very tired and sore.

Looking north towards Stowe Pinnacle from the very rough, poorly-marked and seldom-traveled Skyline Trail.

After a cold January there has been a freeze-thaw-freeze cycle, and the remaining snow cover is as hard as cement, great for hiking with snowshoes.

A view of Stowe in the afternoon as the cloud cover dissipated.

The thick coating of hoarfrost made it feel like walking through a world of powdered sugar.

These images were taken with my Pentax K100D Super and a Sigma 17x70 lens in RAW format and post-processed with Ifranview and Gimp, the panorama was made with Hugin.

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