Unbroken snow on the Woodward Mountain trail

Some images from a long, tiring day's ski on 01/30/09 in Ricker Basin. There are several feet of loose snow on the ground and there have been no thaws, mixed precipitation events, or rain in many weeks, so the snow is deep and fluffy -- and very tiring to plod through.

The un-skied upon eastern end of the Woodward Mountain trail. It took me many hours of work to go up and over the ridge and I was very tired when I finally got to this spot. I was last up in this area in October, helping to get the trail ready for winter.

Light and shadow on fresh snow at the top of the ridge. I wish I could report that I made a graceful series of sweeping downhill turns in the powder, but that wasn't the case, the descent wasn't long enough to get up any speed in the thick snow.

Moose tracks on the logging road. Twice I came upon grouse hunkered down in the snow, one bird exploded up less than two feet in front of me -- a quite startling experience in the quiet of the winter woods.

A different kind of pyramid scheme.

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