I try and be thankful for small things

"How a Modern Depression Might Look" reads the headline of an article in the WSJ, and after last week's little blip of heady and unreasonable optimism, it seems like this week marks a return to a steady diet of gloomy and unsettling economic news. As I have observed from my own experience, dwelling on this situation, can be paralyzing, it seems that a little denial (emphasis on 'little') can be a good and healthy thing.

Reason #1 to be optimistic: There is no snow outside the kitchen window, my own private 'ice out date' occurred a full two weeks earlier than last year -- 2007/08 was an epic snow year.

Reason #2 to be optimistic: The garden continues to come along even as things have cooled off since the weekend's near 70 degree temperatures. After the long dark winter it's quite uplifting to see green again.

Reason #3 to be optimistic: Lots of birds at the feeders: woodpeckers, finches, chickadees, nuthatches, sparrows, jays, etc. Birds don't care about the stock market, the endgame of the domestic auto industry or the lack of a pipeline of new business at major IT consultancies. They are concerned with food, shelter, and reproduction: Perhaps there's a message in there somewhere.

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