The not quite yet old man and the sea

Cedar Key, Florida: A sleepy, remote and quiet place on the Gulf of Mexico. I was surprised to learn that the natives shop for groceries in Gainesville -- 45 miles away by rural highways.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009: Town meeting day in Vermont, and also the day that I start traveling back home. Here in central Florida a cold front came through on Sunday with wind, thunder and rain and it is cool enough (50s during the day) that lolling around on the beach or floating in the Gulf in a kayak doesn’t seem quite so appealing as it did earlier in the week. But the skies are clear and the sun is much stronger than in Vermont and Cedar Key is a pretty lazy, slow moving place so it’s good to just hang out, watch the pelicans (a ridiculous, prehistoric looking bird), egrets, gulls and dolphins and drink beer and eat oysters on the half shell ($9/doz in a local bar).

This whole trip has been a way for me to decompress and hit the ‘pause’ button on my life. Internet access since we left Daytona Beach has been very sporadic – the local library thoughtfully provides instructions on how to connect to their wireless network from the street (facilitating off hours access) – and the cable company only provides a very minimal cable access package. It’s not roughing it by any means but I am cut off from the ceaseless chatter provided by social networking sites, constant exposure to online news, and other distractions. This is a rare circumstance these days – I know the world’s got problems, Vermont’s got problems, I’ve got problems (quite pressing ones at that), I just don’t need to be reminded of the situation 24x7.

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