The (r)ides of March

Riding around on my mtb on Sunday in the warm spring sun with a gps in my jersey pocket. The dirt roads weren't too bad but the surface was definitely tacky and sticky, I could feel the suction grabbing at the wheels even on the descents. But who's complaining -- I was wearing shorts, knee warmers and a long sleeved jersey, and felt somewhat overdressed.

(a screenshot: not a real, clickable Google map)

The route included a little bit of Blush Hill (the first little spike starting out), Loomis Hill -- the long climb in the middle of the ride, and Perry Hill -- the steep descent, which was very sketchy with all the sand on it from the winter. All these climbs make up part of the Gravel Grinder ride so this was good early season training, I hope the recent great weather isn't just a tease, I remember riding in April last year and getting caught in a shower of ice pellets driven by a bitter cold wind.

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