Wrightsville Beach redux

Taken a week ago during my trip to North Carolina, I brought more camera gear than on the recent Florida trip (lenses, card reader, memory cards, cleaning supplies, etc.) but then wound up hardly using it. On my next trip down to North Carolina I would like to take some time to poke around the fringes of the area that haven't been developed yet, there are still old shacks and decrepit trailer parks along the railroad tracks, the trick is knowing the area well enough to find good locations, and also to be willing to get up and out early enough to take advantage of the indirect light of the morning.

That's all: I can really feel how twitter and Facebook (which is now more twitter-like) make keeping a site like this going much harder because it is so much easier just to post some 140 character comment with a link to someone else's content and move on. Sitting down and trying compose something that isn't totally random, but that has a beginning, middle, and end, and at least the glimmerings of a coherent argument, takes time and effort. The situation today (for those with Internet access, anyways) isn't not enough content, it's too much bad, thoughtless, extremely ephemeral, narcissistic, indulgent content -- judged even by the very low standards of this blog -- and the consequent erosion of one's ability to pay attention to the task at hand and the consequences of one's actions -- which, if I find the motivation, may be the subject of a future blog post.

Finally, I've been to Wrightsville Beach before (also here) ...

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