Enjoy the silence

Greta Garbo: Elegant, mysterious, famously reclusive, but in a classy way (unlike, say, Howard Hughes after he went completely crazy). If Garbo was alive today, I do not think that she would have a presence on Facebook, write a blog, or 'tweet'.

I post this banal little observation because I am all shared out and am becoming numb to it all. At work (which has been down to two days per week all this year, and even that may come to end shortly, it's not easy being a recruiter these days, as seen in this depressing CBS News story on food stamps) I have a twitter account. The twitter stream is pretty small, as I only 'follow' -- a very sheep-like metaphor -- a small number of people, mostly industry thought leaders in recruiting, along with some social media and consulting types. I am amazed at some of the amount of trivial information posted by some of these self-proclaimed industry leaders. Their activities and incessant posting make me think a lot less of these characters, they are building a brand online, but the irony is, that I associate their personal brand with narcissism, self-absorption, and triviality, as well as wondering how they accomplish any real work. And yes, I have started 'unfollowing' the more egregious perpetrators of this trend.

A small disclaimer: I have created a personal (non-work related) twitter account, I use it to follow Vermont topics, cycling, and other oddball subjects of interest, and also use it in my feeble attempts at blog promotion. Now that cyclist Tyler Hamilton has retired (an event that generated almost 1,000 page views in the course of one week, all searches on his ex-wife's name -- triviality is everywhere these days) I'm sure that traffic on this site will soon recede to its normal, near-zero baseline state.

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