Gray Sunday afternoon, Stowe, VT

This chicken farm is in Stowe -- a rather incongruous site, since Stowe is one of the wealthiest towns in Vermont -- these derelict buildings recall a time (pre-AIG, the current owners of Stowe Mountain resort) when this was not the case. As I tramped up up West Hill road in the gloom of the late afternoon there was a steady stream of luxury vehicles (Audi, BMW, Lexus, etc.) whizzing by, perhaps some are somewhat insulated from the current hard times?

Early April is a chill damp time of year in northern Vermont.

I don't think there are any chickens to be had here anymore.

An abandoned, rotting truck with the ski trails on Spruce Peak shrouded in low cloud in the background.

The very tattered "Heartbeat of America."

Mt. Elmore framed by last season's cornstalks.

Though it's spring, signs of rebirth are still hard to come by. A few more photos in this sequence can be viewed here.

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Teaching The Teacher said...

You are so lucky all of your snow is gone! Up in Northern Maine (near Quebec) we still have over a foot! In fact, it was in the low 30's today. Happy spring!