Local class IV roads

Vermont's own lost highways: Class IV roads, ancient roads through the woods that recall a time when the landscape was farmed (in the 19th century sheep farming was huge, there were few forests, the state was one big pasture) or logged more intensely than it is at present. Even now these 'roads' -- using the term loosely -- are still legitimate public thoroughfares.

These images are from a ride on Thursday afternoon (as I have observed previously, 'the unstreamed life is no life at all'):

Looking north from Cobb Hill, Moretown, near where the road becomes a mucky track through the woods.

Things have not dried out yet and there are just a few touches of green in the forest understory.

Higher up, pockets of rotting snow and lots of running water. This was a 'hike a bike' section, a portage with the bike.

After emerging from the woods, a deer grazed along the Mad River.

This route was part of the 2009 Gravel Grinder ride (the 'extra' loop), however, I'm not sure if I will be up to sitting on my 1x9 mountain bike for 40 miles of riding, the lack of multiple hand positions make riding for extended periods tough on certain parts of my anatomy.

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