I would not describe myself as in any way 'pleased'

An unfortunately-worded headline in the Waterbury Record characterizing two local state representative's responses to the recent Vermont budget, which was promptly vetoed by Governor Douglas.

Now, I do not intend to start a political blog: the subject is not that interesting, it is mostly tiresome, and most of the small traffic amount to this site is from people vainly searching for Tyler Hamilton's ex-wife. As I have noted, however, my ample free time these days did allow me to follow the recent Vermont budget debates... and I am most emphatically not happy: I feel like I am being lied to and that unpleasant truths are not being spoken out loud.

In many ways the Vermont budget debate is a 'values' question, I currently live making unpleasant fiscal choices every day [insert description of my extremely unglamorous supplementary income job here] and cutting corners wherever I can, so a group of glib and feckless legislators denying reality is more than slightly irksome to me. It's almost enough to make me emulate the esteemed example of Hunter S. Thompson when he ran for sheriff of Aspen on the Freak Power ticket. I certainly feel that the two party system has failed me.

I'm not totally naive, I know that Vermont is just an isolated backwater that is a small part of a much larger problem -- I read somewhere that collectively, states are $200 billion in the hole, with California leading the way downward, and that when one looks at the situation nationally things really get completely out of hand. But these situations are more abstract and far removed from me, what I find infuriating, is that in Vermont decisions made quite close to home, and yet feel so far removed from what I think is smart or prudent (or even risky in a way that might lead to a positive outcome), instead just represent denial and evasion.

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