Hummingbird sequence

As I have noted, I try and be thankful for small things -- such as, my tomatoes are coming along, it was a cool damp spring, but now the sun is higher in the sky, and the plants respond -- because when I think about the big picture, it is very easy to fall into a funk, and feel that at the end of the rat race there's a rat trap. I've read a lot about the process of self re-invention and am willing to strike out in different directions if need be, but these are not optimistic times, and leadership is lacking.

So I am glad that there are hummingbirds in the meadow next to my condo unit and that they prefer sugar solution (4:1 water to sugar, boiled) to the native flowers. They are not very shy -- I have been within a couple of feet of the birds as they hover -- but are very fast and tend not to stay in one spot for very long. My camera does not have a fast autofocus system so capturing the birds is something of a challenge (and manual pre-focusing does not seem to help). Oh well, the last thing in my budget at this point in time is more camera gear.

#1: Approach

#2: Gear down, eyes on the prize

#3: Quick sugar high

#4: Back airborne, sometimes in the cool of the early evening the birds will perch in a tree and flit back and forth to the feeders several times -- I think they need to tank up for the night, but during the day they tend to not hang around for very long.

A few more images from yesterday here.

Camera: Pentax K100D Super & Tamron LD Di 70x300mm lens.

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