I may have misunderestimated myself

I'm just a soul who's intentions are good,
Oh lord, please don't let me misunderstood.

This blog, it's a whole lot of nothing. For the last eighteen months or so, mixed in with all the extremely uninteresting (and deservedly ignored) minutiae of my life, there has been the record here of my varied economic anxieties as I try and stay solvent through the present 'Great Recession'. My fears spring from multiple sources but can be largely traced back to the fact that almost every assumption I made when I moved from Burlington to Waterbury and bought a modest condominium unit in 2006 has been proven wrong, and this is despite the fact that I am as far removed, temperamentally, from a property-flipping real estate speculator, as can be imagined. Living with a mortgage and no steady source of income in a time of economic turmoil -- to put it mildly -- is quite unnerving and does give me plenty to think about in the still hours of the early morning.

The stuff bad dreams are made of: Current unemployment statistics.

As my day job recently went 100% on hiatus, I have launched a halting, tentative job search, despite no shortage of news that inspires thoughts like "why even bother". Somewhat to my surprise, the initial responses have been more positive than I would have thought possible in such a tough employment market -- if the job search was baseball, I'd be putting up Ted Williams- or Joe Dimaggio-like numbers. It's not that my problems have been solved (I don't have any offers in hand, I need to close a deal) but I am starting to feel more upbeat about things and believe that there's a chance that I'll come through the current upheaval OK (ie, not living in a cardboard box under a bridge somewhere).

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Mike said...


I recognize that rainbow, it was here the day after I moved to VT, pretty cool, I got a picture of it and sent it off to my family back home telling them "we found the end of the rainbow in Burlington, VT". Pretty cool!

Thanks for the email about your successes on the job search trail, and once again, congrats!!