I need to find some happy campers

To use some consulting jargon, I have extra 'bandwidth'* these days, though not as much free time as one would think. This is not necessarily a bad thing, idleness is bad for the psyche, these days there's lots of unpleasantness to dwell on, so it is good to have specific tasks to focus on.

One of my summer projects, is that I signed up to be a "photo intern" for the Vermont state parks system, this offers me a chance to use my camera with a purpose and try and expand my 'range' with the camera. The goal of the program is to capture people enjoying the parks system in a wide range of situations, up to and including rainy days...

A badge to provide some level of reassurance to park patrons and a sticker to get into the parks (day use only) free of charge.

Little River State Park on Wednesday afternoon: proof (the blue skies and white puffy clouds were not digitally added) that the sun does shine -- albeit occasionally -- in Vermont, it has been a cool, damp summer so far.

This would be a good potential shot for use by the State Parks in their marketing collateral (online or print) with the following caveat: I need to get signed photo releases for images of people... This will prove to be something of a challenge. On Wednesday there was a family fishing at the reservoir and that is exactly the kind of image the program director is looking for, but I didn't want to interrupt their time together to have them fill out paperwork. Obviously, I am going to have to overcome this reluctance on my part if I am going to succeed in this role.

On a more basic level, the volunteer photographers are assigned to photograph unoccupied campsites at specific state parks; the images are then posted online as part of the reservation system, so that visitors can have a better idea of what the campsites look like prior to arrival.

*Bandwidth: Capacity, time. A consultant would say something like "Due to the economic collapse, I currently have plenty of bandwidth to devote to internal projects at the firm" -- Internal projects don't generate revenue. Defined this way, too much bandwidth is not a good thing.

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