National Trails Day: The Stowe HS - Trapps connector

Today was "National Trails Day" (I have no idea who decides these things) and I participated in a work session on a new section of trail that is being built between Stowe High School and Trapps Family Lodge. It was a beautiful day, not too hot, not too buggy and consequently there was a good turnout of volunteers. This project is a part of an ambitious plan to make Stowe a central hub of a large mountain bike trail network (story here).

It was very hard work: Moving big rocks over rough terrain, and hacking at thick roots with an assortment of lethal-looking tools. I foolishly neglected to bring gloves and my hands are raw after this experience.

Lots and lots of rocks.

Not a mirage: After about four hours of tough, dirty work the crew was treated to burgers and beer (thanks Trapps), a fine way to end the day, though I promptly fell asleep when I got home, I was thoroughly beat.

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