Street photography: Church Street, Discover Jazz Festival, 6/11/09

I read on a photo site, something to the effect, that inhibition on the part of the photographer leads to bad photography. And, it's true, I am a lot more comfortable deep in some thicket in the woods, trying to get a clear shot of a moose, than I am wandering through an urban area, trying to capture compelling images of strangers. It's hard for me to imagine working like Weegee, referred to in a NYT article as the "night watchman of our American Babylon".

Anyhow, I was in Burlington today, I brought a camera and tried to capture some images along Church Street on a cloudy, muggy afternoon.

This character wanted $5 for a photo -- I declined to pay, it was a somewhat heated conversation.

The post processing on these is really minor -- just some very slight cropping and sharpening, that is all.

Deliberately trying to capture mundane moments flitting by.

The Discover Jazz Festival is winding down.

Taking a bow after performing 'The Lady is a Tramp" (Sinatra's version here).

All images (a few more here) taken with a Pentax K100D Super & the 18-55mm kit lens.

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