Waterbury, Vermont Independence Day Parade, 2009

A few photos from Waterbury's Independence Day parade, which kicks off Vermont's 4th of July celebrations, one week ahead of the surrounding towns.

The photographer is visible on right, parade watchers reflected in the hub of some fire apparatus.

Red white & blue.

Promoting an upcoming comedy festival & 'Waterbury's got talent' event.

Race cars are an annual feature of the parade. Politicians, however, are more biannual fixtures it seems, and 2009 isn't an election year so only Jim Douglas and Bernie Sanders were present, marching alone and without phalanxes of supporters. I was very curious as to what kind of response Governor Douglas would get and I would characterize it as 'tepid support' -- but not as positive or vocal as the support shown for Senator Sanders (post about the 2008 parade here).

There was a good turnout despite the ominous-looking clouds. The showers held off and it looks like the fireworks this evening will also be held without rain, it has been a wet summer so far.

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