Green shoots, of a sort

I could write a blog post about the continuing tailspin of the Vermont economy and the massive -- but not at all surprising -- collateral damage (story here) to the state government's finances: "I told you so," or something similar. I did write here (May 18th) referring to the state budget debate, that:
...I feel like I am being lied to and that unpleasant truths are not being spoken out loud.
Harsh, but in light of how things are playing out, I stand by my words -- which isn't always true of what shows up here.

It's been a rather gloomy, gray summer, perhaps less heavy rain than last summer's deluge, but characterized by many dark, showery days and temperatures running below normal, the weather has caused problems for agricultural operations large and small. I have some tomatoes in containers and the lack of warm, sunny days has not been good for the plants. The forecast, however, for the next week is at least somewhat optimistic, so maybe things will start to ripen up.

The damp weather, however, is condusive to spreading a fungus (potato blight, cause of the Irish potato famine) that quickly devastates the plants and the disease is apparently becoming endemic in the Northeast (NYT story here) -- so it is touch and go if these plants will even survive until the end of the season.

Similiar to many other situations in my life, I try and be at least slightly optimistic -- even though I know that viewed coldly, objectively, rationally, the prognosis probably isn't very good.

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