Lamoille County Field Days

Just a few images from the 2009 Lamoille County Field Days, Johnson, Vermont, a setting I found to be very far removed from suburban Chittenden County or even Waterbury, which is dominated by some large local employers and where farming has almost entirely died out.

I faked my way into the house-pulling arena (which was not open to the public) by carrying my camera and looking like I was someone important or official, perhaps I should print up a 'Midnight Modern Conversation' press pass for use in these sorts of circumstances. Alas, I did not have a long fast lens and the lighting was tricky, but this image does convey a small sense of the size and power of these impressive animals.

Old tractors on display.

A different kind of horsepower: Dirt flew and engines roared during the truck pull, which attracted a large crowd. Regardless of the state of the domestic auto industry, there were no Toyotas or Nissans in evidence.

Eight dollars admission (plus $1 parking) included free rides on the midway, although I did not partake.

The start of fair season is a sign that summer - which seems to have never really arrived, warm, sunny days have been few and far between - is sliding by, it will not be too long before faint signs of autumn's approach become evident.

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