Montreal, Vieux-Port at night

I could have gone to see another Cirque de Soleil performance on a recent trip to Montreal, but I chose to wander through the Old Port with my camera instead. It was twilight and I used an old, cheap, plastic manual focus 50mm f/1.9 lens (the fastest lens I have) for these images, many of which were taken wide open.

My Pentax K100D Super is a pretty awesome low light camera and it worked surprisingly well as night came on in the city. It was somewhat of a challenge to work with only one, not very wide, fixed focal length lens, but the exercise does makes one think about composition instead of just reflexively zooming in and out -- most images have minor cropping and sharpening, that's about it for post processing.

Holga girl: Right before I took this, she snapped a photo of the street performer with a plastic Holga camera.

The performance: juggling fire in the square in front of Montreal's Hotel de Ville.

Sunset on the quays by the river.

Streets and alleyways as night fell.

A couple of architectural images, not the best lens setup for this sort of thing.

In a very dark bar, pushing the camera to the limit.

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