Summer photo workshop, Stowe

There have been a few changes around here, which I may write about at some point, or that possibly could result in my finally retiring from from the blogging business (not that this site has ever generated any income, that was never my intent) altogether.

I had the chance to take part in a photo workshop at Stowe this week, it was led by Brian and Emily of Ember Photography. This was a similar in format to a previous workshop I attended in late December 2008, also at Stowe, that was held in brutal winter weather (images from that frigid day here). This session was held on a humid, hazy summer day -- a pretty rare event, in this cool wet summer -- at the top of Mt. Mansfield.

The instruction and advice -- dictated by the interests and abilities of the group -- was quite basic, I've noted (and not just at this event), that a good percentage of those who purchase DSLRs, seemingly don't read camera manuals, or make a concerted effort to figure out the device's capabilities... Oh well, to each their own, and it was good to spend a day out with the camera, I think my opportunities for this in the next six months or so, will be quite limited.

Antennas and crowds: The top of the mountain does not feel like wilderness.

Trying to capture tiny wildflowers growing on the rocks - without much success.

It was a hazy summer day with relatively low visibility from the top of the mountain.

Wildflowers growing on a ski trail lower down the slopes.

Wild strawberries were flourishing.

I snapped this when I got home -- blue skies have been a rare sight this summer.

The three images above were taken with a 28 mm manual focus lens (Kmart brand, though nicely made), I noticed that on a bright day and stopped down to f/8 it is sharper than other lenses that I have -- when I can get the focus right.

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